To be in contact with people worldwide of any creed or
religion, to develop friendship in a simple, clean, correct and true way.

When we are young, we are pressed on to prepare for the future.
Then, when mature, we work to get good position, to own things, trying to be happy.
But soon or later we are going to die and then it starts a life without any end.

So let's be wise.

Let us prepare for the future, for the life without end.

Be aware of the existence of another life.

Please check the Apparitions taking place actually:


See a video of one Apparition

-Emmitsburg - USA

Let us live this life in such a way, that will lead us
to the new life that nevers ends:

-Be free
-Have no egoism
-Be detached from material things
-Love your neighbours
-Have no hatred
-Be simple

and you will be happy in the new life forever.

Be ready for the world is going to change dramatically.

Read and ponder the


Actually people live for the material life,
without any concern about the future life.
But when we die we have to face the truth.


Read and ask for the BOOK OF THE TRUTH
written By Jesus Christ.

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With the expected changes which are coming,
it is sent the LITURGY according the beliefs under the
roman catholic tradition:

-Real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharistic
-Marriage between male and female
-Real presence of the sin in the world.

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Jesus Christ want us to start and spread
groups of Crusade of Prayers, to keep alive
the faith in the True God's Words contained in the Bible,
no matter the modifications they try
to impose on us.

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